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Erendira Italia is ...


100% Italian Yarns

We use 100% Italian yarns, traced and selected. Each collection is characterized by an accurate processing path where top quality materials are processed by our artisans who follow all the processes up to the last finishing.


Our glue

We put passion into our ideas, designs, and the choice of colors. We allow passion to guide our choices, even the riskiest ones, because there is no better decision than taking risks to do what you love.


A 10-year history

Erendira Italia was born ten years ago from the ideas of Catia Bacillieri who has always worked in the world of fashion and Made in Italy. Having experience and knowing the sector allows us not only to understand what our consumers want but above all to tell a story and to make them live an emotion through its authentic creations.


Our history

Erendira Italia takes its name from the famous novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez "The incredible and sad story of the candid Erendira and her distorted grandmother" which marked a revolution in the life of the designer, Catia Bacillieri.
Erendira Italia offers knitwear items with modern elegance, with a focus on femininity translated into metropolitan romanticism.
A product proudly 100% Made in Italy that enhances the craftsmanship of the Emilia Romagna district, where the culture of quality of yarns and fabrics blends with innovative processing techniques.
Suppliers are carefully selected and they always share qualitative and ethical principles with the us and the attention to workmanship and processes is very high.
Erendira Italia opens up to an evolved, cultured and curious woman who prefers comfort and refinement in garments.


Via Giuseppe Galletti 6, 40135 Bologna Italy

(+39) 335 7042322

Via Galletti 6, 40135 Bologna Italy

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